• ArcheAmory

    It only takes one to open the door...

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  • Your Construct of Relationship

    Your construct of relationship is what water is to a fish.
    You swim in it. You interact from it. You make decision from it. You justify and explain things from it.
    Always without knowing that it is the construct that constrains what you can express, experience, decide, create from.
    Your construct of relationship is a intelligently tight self-made prison to survive in relationship.
    You build your construct from how your parents behaved in relationship, how your friend's parents behave in relationships, from movies, books, songs, ...

    Your construct of relationship is probably patriarchal.
    ArcheAmory starts in Archearchy
    Examining your construct of relationship creates the possibility to make space in you to experiment with ArcheAmory

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  • Preparation Steps

    Exit the 9 Prisons

    Experiencing New Territory Outside of Patriachy

    Shift Your Point-of-Origin

    Be Born - Exit Your Mom's Belly

    Grow Up - Exit your Parents' Bubble

    Quit School - Heal from School

    Exit Patriarchy - Get out of the patriarchal capitalistic empire

    Exit Patriarchy - Start Over from Nothing

    Go Global - Get Out of Your Birth Culture and Religion

    3 Domains of Love - Which One Are You Sourcing?

    Relocalize Your Point-of-Origin - Move Your Point-of-Origin from survivalist Modern Culture to Next Culture

    The Evolution of Relationship 

    Study the Map of the Evolution of Relationship.

    Escape The Linear Life Plan - Shift out of having a predictable life

  • Experiments

    Interview Your Mother

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.01

    This Experiment is to practice being in a space of Love and discovery with your mother, or (if you can't find her), someone like her.


    It is also about discovering the thoughtware of your mother, or of a woman like her, of her generation. You probably will also discover things about your own thoughtware about Love.


    In this Experiment you will interview your mother.


    If you can't find your mother, interview your aunt, her sister.


    If you can't find your aunt, interview a woman like your mother who is about your mother's age.


    Ask to interview them, and tell them you are on a discovery journey about Love. When you are with them, it will be your job to write down, in detail, in your Beep! Book, the beliefs that she has about Love. Ask questions like:


    Where does Love come from? What is Love for?

    Who owns Love? What is the purpose of Love? How do you know if you Love somebody?

    What are the rules about Love?

    What is allowed in Love? What is not allowed?

    And who said so?

    How does she know that it's true?


    This is not about having a conversation or a discussion with her about Love. This is Discovery Listening, listening for a purpose. If she starts asking you questions, tell her something like, "Thank you for asking. Right now, I want to hear from YOU."


    She may never have been listened to this way before. She may have feelings and emotions while she is sharing with you.


    There are so many ways this interview could go!


    Feelings or thoughts might happen for you while you are listening. Put them on the shelf. This is not numbing or denying, it is about Being With, listening in your Adult Ego State, on Purpose. If there are emotions, get an Emotional Healing Process about them as soon as possible, afterward.


    When the interview is complete, let her know something about what it was like to get to discover all of this about her.


    Then, in light of your interview notes, write and article called, "A Mother's Love," or, "A Woman's Love," if the woman you interviewed is not a mother.


    Publish the article.


    Then enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.01 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.



    Interview Your Father

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.02

    Interviewing your father, or a man like him, could be a very different experience than that of interviewing your mother (or a woman like her).


    Who knows how it will go! I am excited about these experiments and I wish I could be there. I feel glad already about the possibility of reading your articles.


    Again, if you can't find your father, interview your uncle, his brother.


    If you can't find him, interview someone like your father, and about his age.


    Interview him using Discovery Listening, about the belief system that he has about love.


    Where does Love come from?

    What is Love for?

    Who owns Love?

    What is the purpose of Love?

    How do you know if you Love somebody?

    What are the rules about Love?

    What is allowed in Love?

    What is not allowed?

    Who said so?

    And how does he know that it's true?


    Take detailed notes in your BEEP! Book.


    Use your notes to write and Article about "A Father's Love," or, "The Love of a Man."


    Publish the article.


    Then enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.02 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.



    Constructs: a Play

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.03

    You probably have some clarity about the kinds of things that happen between the belief systems of two people. This Experiment will reveal more about that, for you and for others.


    Using both the articles you wrote in the two experiments above write a play that will last at least 15 minutes.


    With people, maybe from your Possibility Team or 3Cell, have one person play your Mother, another person play your Father, and you play YOU.


    This is not about changing anything.


    This is about making conscious what has been happening.


    In the last five minutes of the play, have a fourth person, playing a suitable partner for you, come on stage and try to be with you. Have the play play out, amplify everything that doesn't work.


    When you have written and performed this play, you can enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.03 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.


    Ask for Emotional Healing Processes about any emotions that you have during any part of this Experiment.



    Figure Out Your Own Construct

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.04

    If you do the above Experiments, you will have a head start on this one.


    Thoughtware about Love, which is to say beliefs, ideas, attitudes, mental mechanisms, conscious and unconscious decisions about Love are not talked about in Modern Culture with Radical Honesty, and so they stay largely unconscious.


    No wonder so many relationships go the ways they do.


    This Experiment will help make these constructs more conscious.


    For three months, carry your Beep! Book around, declaring yourself on the hunt for a partner. If you have a partner, do this in regard to the partner you have.


    Observe yourself.


    Notice the Have To's and the Don't's that you have in relationship with partners or potential partners, What Needs to Happen and What Shouldn't Happen.


    For example:

    "He has to be happy with my behaviour."

    "She needs to be calm."

    "I have to listen to him."

    "I shouldn't listen to him about...".


    Write them all down.


    You will also get hints about your constructs from watching other people who are partners, and from the voices in your head about what they should and shouldn't be doing as partners.


    After the month is over, please enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.04 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.



    Find Your Next Experimental Partner

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.05

    In experiments about Archearchy, it can really help to have somebody to do experiments with.


    Find somebody, where the shared and conscious purpose of the relationship is to do experiments. Be Experimenters together.


    It isn't about having sex with them, or even living with them. In fact, you could even do this experiment on line, researching Archeamory together.


    The purpose of this experiment is to do experiments with this person.


    Do this for 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months or 5 years. Do this with as many people as possible.


    When you have done at least 5 days of conscious experimenting with this person, you can each enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.05 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Love Like in the Movies

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.06

    Modern Culture movies, made by Hollywood or not, are full of constructs about Love. This experiment helps you to see your constructs, by noticing what you want and don't want about what you see in films.


    If you can, do this Experiment with one of your Teams; a Possibility Team, 3 Cell, or other people who know you. They will see things you don't see.


    Choose your three favourite love films and re-watch them. For doing this with a team, it will work if you watch films that people in your team pick, that are new to you, and even ones you don't like so much.


    Identify the character in each film that you identify with most.


    Notice about what is it in their love experience that you want.


    Write it down as specifically as possible.


    What are the results that you want to have that the characters in the movies are having?


    Also notice the things that are NOT happening in the films. What do you also want that is not happening?


    Compare this to what you are actively, consciously and unconsciously, trying to create in your life.


    How are you trying to be these film characters?


    Share what you write with one of your teams and get feedback about what they see that you are trying to be, that you missed.


    All of you can enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.06 in your free account at StartOver.xyz when you have watched the three films and shared about your notes, and given each other feedback.


    This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.



    Only Then Love Can Be

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.07

    Every person who has researched about love has rich insights to share that you can learn from. This is an experiment about listening, noticing, and writing, inspired by another researcher.


    Watch the video of the Gaian Road Team with Cornelius Butz, and as you listen, write down what you hear him say.


    Using the distinctions that he makes, that lead to the statement he makes at the end, "Only then can love be," write an essay about this statement.


    In your next Possibility Team, out loud, read both your notes and the essay.

    Then enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.07 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    How, Then, Shall We Love?

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.08

    This is another experiment that combines a whole book written by a committed Love researcher, and sharing with an experiment partner.


    It is okay if this experiment takes a very long time. Do not rush it, it is worth it to go slow.


    Read the book, The Alchemy of Love and Sex, by Lee Lozowick with your partner as a mini-study group. Share how it resonates or not with you. Let it wake questions in you for research about the question, "How, then, shall we love?"


    After reading the book together, discussing and sharing, each of you can enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.08 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.



    Noticing Caring

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.09

    For one week, notice the ways people care about different things. People at work how people care about their desk, or about watering the flowers, or bringing coffee, getting to the meeting on time or taking notes, how people dress, all these things!


    Each time you notice about what people care about, make the equation, Care = Love.


    As you notice, also publicly appreciate that what people care about IS love.


    Make one sentence that expresses this, for example, when you notice the care about being on time, you can say, "I appreciate how you love being on time." 


    For extra credit, this can be a check in at the beginning of a meeting, about what they had to do and took care of, loved, to make the meeting.


    After the week is over, please enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.09 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    I recommend you do not stop the noticing or the appreciating.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Ask For Some Explanation

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.10

    Request, if you are a woman, from a woman's circle, to come together for women to share the secrets that they have found to create extraordinary love with their male partner, about the feminine being able to interact with the masculine in magical ways.


    If you are a man, ask for, in a men's circle, for the men to share whatever are the secrets they have found about interacting with the feminine in extraordinary ways.


    This is not about Gremlin secrets. Nor is it about being adaptive, nor short cuts. It is about the ways people have discovered to create extraordinary love with their partner.


    After the circle, all who participated can enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.10 in their free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Love Thermometer

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.11

    There are obvious and there are hidden reasons that are causing you to experience Love. This experiment is about finding more of them out.


    In your Beep! Book, make a scale of 0-10% of Intensity of Love vs Time, and split your attention so that part of your attention is noticing the intensity of love you are experiencing as the day goes along. Write about what the reasons are for how the Love Intensity line goes up and down over the hours.


    Do this for three days in a row.


    After three days, look at your graphs and face into how sometimes the same things don't give you the experience of love. Look for patterns. For example, if on one day you felt love because you had a lunch break at noon, and on another day you had a lunch break at noon and felt lower intensity love, find the connections between reasons and your experiences of love. Notice the reasons behind the reasons.


    Then write a theory about the reasons you feel love in your Beep! Book.


    Present you research about this it at your next Team.


    After your presentation, enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.11 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 2 Matrix Points.



    Love Collaboration

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.12

    This is an experiment about creating more experiments that empower more love.


    Go to the people you have the most ecstasy creating or collaborating with, and make them a bold proposal about empowering what they care about and love. Notice and ask them to tell you about what they care about and love.


    Then, for a whole month, do weekly experiments that empower what they care about and love.


    For example you can create experiments about empowering them to build the gameworld that they are building. Invite them to the groups that you are part of so they can do more of what turns them on. Make transformational proposals.


    Follow up with them about how it is going, and create the next experiment to empower what they care about and love.


    After the month is over, please enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.12 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.



    Double Your Love

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.13

    In each encounter during one week, when you are with any person in any circumstance, the experiment is to double the intensity of your experience of Love Happening in that interaction with that person.


    Just go for double of what it would usually be from your Box or Gremlin, or from your habit.


    You will probably encounter certain types of resistances you have to doing this with particular people. Document the resistances. For example:

    "I hate the tone of her voice"

    "I cant stand the way he dresses"

    "I am afraid of being betrayed"

    "I am afraid of aggression."


    Whatever the thing is, do the Emotional Healing Processes associated with doubling your love, even if it is fifty in one week.


    It is not wrong or bad or stupid that you have the resistances to doubling your love.


    Then enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.13 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.



    Be a Space of Love, No Matter What

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.14

    For a whole week, resolve that any time that you are with your partner, or a friend and they are preferring the option of being in emotional reactivity, make the decision to be with them, be a space of love for them, without resistance, without expecting them to move, or to do or not do anything.


    During the week, keep notes about how this goes in your Beep! Book.


    When the week is finished, share with as many people as possible what happened during three of your experiences while doing this.


    Then enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.14 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Experience the Ecstasy of Creating Love

    Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.15

    Go with your Possibility Team/Partner/your multiple Archeamory experiment partners, and go clean a beach or plant some trees.


    Do this so that you can experience the ecstasy of creating love in the world together and the ecstasy of Gaia loving you back.


    Then each person can tell the Legend of the love and ecstasy creation.


    And everyone can enter Matrix Code ARCHAMOR.15 in their free accounts at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.